FPGA (re)take top spot on GreenGraph500

Penn Computational Intelligence Lab (PennCIL) ENIAD, an FPGA-based graph computer, placed in the top spot of the Green Graph 500 Small Graph rankings on June 30, 2021. Prof. Li’s team had previously held the top spot in 2019 with an FPGA-based machine they developed at UW-Madison.

Graph500 is the de facto standard to measure and quantitatively rank the performance and energy efficiency of supercomputers worldwide for running large graphs using the performance metric MTEPS/W which represents million traversed edges per second per watt. The Green Graph500 is a list of the most energy efficient supercomputers in the world ranked by their energy efficiency from running the provided graph analytics applications. ENIAD achieved 6028.85 MTEPS/W, which outperformed “Tianhe-3” (4724.30 MTEPS/W) – the latest supercomputer in China and IBM’s supercomputer “Minsky” (1165.71 MTEPS/W).

Learn more about ENIAD at HotChips 2021.

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